Monday, October 08, 2007

I am Tagged

Divs has tagged me. It came to me as a surprise comment on one of my Hinglish writings. Well, It has always been difficult for me to answer questions but I will do it again as I have always done. So, here it goes

First I have to name those I wish will take up the tag.
I will write an essay for all the people I am going to list down.
- Abhinav
1. He is one of the popular bloggers who have been called for an interview at a radio station.
2. He can write about anything and you will die laughing while reading about that anything.
3. Some of the girls who read his blogs have proposed him in the comments section.
4. Most of the boys who read his blogs have proposed him in the comment section.
- Ishmi
1. She has written beautiful poems.
2. She is an excellent writer too.
3. She doesn’t write often.
- Rocket
1. He is a wonderful person.
2. Pyaar se hum use Rocket bulate hai. But he has got a name too. Shrivastava Dheeraj Shrivastava. Uska naam hai.
3. His poems are very cryptic. I can bet that most people do not understand them but I love them. They make a lot of sense.
4. He uses ‘Klishta’ Hindi in his poems.
Bahut hua…I should get good marks in this question.

The second part of the tag is about the "Kinds of People I Judge"
Well, it is a difficult question but I will write something even if the answer is wrong.
When I meet someone and he has a bad breathe, I judge that he doesn’t brush his tooth daily.
When I see a group coming closer to me, and the number of boys in the group is the square root of the girls in the group. I judge that the girls are single and I still have chance for a date with the most beautiful girl in that group. But there is one case in which I am sure that I do not have the chance. So, it’s a question for all of you to find out that case.
I do not like hypocrites, dishonest and officious people. I don’t like people who discourage others.

The third part of the tag is about "People and Things I admire"
I admire all the people who give their best to what they are doing. I admire all the people who do not hurt other’s feelings. I admire all the people who are into social work. I admire all the people who have the power and strength to realize their dreams. I admire all the people who have succeeded after failures. I admire all the people who bring laurels to our country.Bahut hua…I admire all the beautiful ladies also.;)

Thanks Di...


Blogger Di said...

ahhh...the judging about the group was very informative ;) thanx for takin up the tag :)

October 20, 2007 at 6:52 AM  

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