Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I had been living my life with abstinence. The reason was that I wanted to make myself lean so that I can play my favorite sport better. I hope you all know what my favorite sport is. Many humans know and understand me but God misunderstood me. He thought I had been doing all this to please him so that all my wishes were granted.

I switched off the light and lied down on my bed. The fan was revolving at its maximum angular speed. Suddenly, I felt as if the fan had started revolving faster than its maximum speed. The blanket got blown away by the air. Then I heard somebody saying, “Vats, utho, hum bahut prasanna hai tumse. Batao kya chahte ho”. I was scared. I tried to find my roommate as he’s an original prankster. But, it was not him. Then a ray of light filled my room. Then I realized that God had come to grant me the wishes I had been craving for. I asked for a lot of things. Then he said that he would grant me at least zero wishes and at most one wish.

Since the number of wished had become finite, I had to think twice before asking for anything.

The first thought which came to my mind was to befriend the most beautiful girl of the planet earth. Then I thought about the repercussions. The ROI of my wish was pretty low. In fact, I would have to spend all my savings to compensate for the losses if I the wish was granted.

I kept thinking for what I need most. I thought about getting admitted to the best B School; I thought about being the richest person in the world; I thought about infinite things but none of them were actually needed. God had been waiting patiently for my wish but I could not think about anything. So, after waiting for the whole night, God asked me to call him when I am sure of what I want.

I still am not able to find the answer but I still have time.Wish I find it today


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September 12, 2007 at 4:51 AM  
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repetitive one... be creative man.. otherwise stop bloging

September 13, 2007 at 2:43 AM  

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