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Train Ka Safar hai Ye Kaisa SUFFER

Utkarsha was a shy guy. But, his friends were not shy at all. Even when they were in college they fell in ‘Love’ or it would be better to say that they used to get attracted to many girls simultaneously. As they say that the desires increase as they are fed, his friends didn’t hesitate to an extra mile for getting their latest crush convinced that she’s the one they born for. Utkarsha also had the same feelings; he too used to get attracted to different girls every now and then. But, he never said anything to anybody because he always knew that this world is cruel and his friends were crueler.

On a fine sunny, bright, moist day, one of his friends came to him. He was wearing an ear to ear smile and it’s a fact that a boy will give such a wide grin to another boy if and only if his orientations are not straight or he wants a favor from him. Being a traditional Indian Utkarsha grew up believing that no Indian boy would be disoriented. So, it was a silent request for a favor. He asked Utkarsha if he was going home. Upon Utkarsha’s positive acknowledgment, he went ahead and asked if Utkarsha could travel with a girl. He told Utkarsha that he planned to go with her earlier but due to some unfavorable circumstance he couldn’t give company to the ‘girl’. Utkarsha knew the girl because she was from the same batch as Utkarsha and his smiling friend were. He agreed. He was happy, excited ….etc but he didn’t let his feelings come to his face. His friend was not smiling now. Suddenly, he was smiling again. Utkarsha asked if he wants to tell anything else. Then his friend asked him to talk about him and take her views about him during the journey.

Finally, they day came when both of them had to travel to the same destination. Both bole to Utkarsha and ‘Her’. There was another girl who gave them company for sometime. After she stepped down, a void was created between ‘Him’ and ‘Her’. Please refer to the figure below for clearer picture.

|Auto Driver|
|Him|*Void*| Her|

Utkarsha wanted to fill this void and he finally filled it with his bag. Please refer to the figure below for clearer picture

|Auto Driver|
|Him|*Bag*| Her|

Both were silent. Both of them started speaking together and then stopped together. There was a lot of traffic and the noise level was deafening but silence was being heard. Then the jinx was broken.

“Do you go to home often”, she asked.
“Quite frequently. Will let you know when I plan for the next trip”, Utkarsha replied.
Utkarsha was going a bit fast. He thought to start the conversation again. He started and this time the silence was unheard. They were late. They couldn’t get the tickets. But, they had to go so they boarded the train. Earlier they were sitting alone, face to face. Please see the figure below.
|She--- Him|

|------------ |
But a lot of goddamn juniors were traveling on that fateful day. Most of them knew her. After some time the seating arrangement as seen from the top was as following

|She ---Jun|
|Jun --- Jun|
|Jun --- Him|

| -----------|

After some more time,

|She ---Jun|
|Jun --- Jun|
|Jun --- Jun|

| -----------|---------------------------- | Him @ the exit|

Utkarsha was frustrated and devastated. He felt like kicking all the juniors out of the coach but he couldn’t do anything besides smiling at them when they came into his line of sight. The journey was completed. He was disappointed that he couldn’t even talk to her. But, the damage was done and damage can only be created and cannot be destroyed. Utkarsha had started liking her or it would be better to say that he had got crush on her.

Days passed and Utkarsha was back to the campus. As soon as he reached his room his friend came smiling to him.
“So, how was the trip?” he asked.
“Rocking.” Utkarsha winked.
“So, did you talk about me?” He asked again.
“Yes, I talked a lot about you. I kept talking about you. I told her everything about you.”, Utkarsha winked again.
“What? Everything!” He was a bit worried now.
“I mean all the good things”, Utkarsha grinned.
“So, how did you find her?” He asked.
“She is a good girl. Who aisi waisi bandi nahi hai”, Utkarsha eyes glittered.
“Ohhh…Tu Lakshman ban ke gaya tha aur Ravan banker wapis aaya. Mujhe tujhse ye asha nahi thi. ” he was laughing now.

Utkarsha understood he has caused himself a great trouble which will keep troubling him until eternity. Next day, the news was in the air. Anybody in the line of sight of Utkarsha asked him “Wo kaisi ladki hai?”

Utkarsha never traveled with a girl again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ye zaalim duniya to sacche pyar ki keemat nahin hai,..
mai tumhara dukh samajh sakta hoon

mujhe bhi sacchha pyaar tha , hai or rahe ga.. SS ke saath

March 9, 2008 at 12:55 PM  
Blogger Shubhs said...

u shud publish de entire collection as a book!!..pretty good!!....and it has a great flow...!!..

n hey..we did get out of our car to talk to de driver...before de sardarji uncle took over....but left de part out....cos didnt wanna sound as if we took de first step and everyone followed..dat wud have defeated my purpose:) thanks for de comments by de way.....!!:)

March 13, 2008 at 12:57 AM  
Blogger Ravish said...

hey Shubhs,
Thanks a lot for the encouragement and the comment.


March 13, 2008 at 1:49 AM  
Blogger Piyushkg said...

Bahut bura hua yaar, kabhi tumne socha hai yeh sab tumhare saath hi kyun hota hia...hahaha

April 11, 2008 at 4:44 AM  

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