Friday, February 22, 2008


In the middle of sea,
I was about to drown,
I was struggling,
to balance on a raft,
N then noticed me,
Someone from a boat,
Looked like he was my savior,
But He was a predator,
He saved me from the water,
But, was there anybody,
to save me from his wrath,
I was in the middle of the sea,
Free to drown,
But now I was in the prison,
Bound to live,
N now I was thinking,
How better it was to die freely,
Than to live with bounds,
One day,He came rushing to me,
With a sword,
I could not move,
I thought the time to be free had come,
A full swing,
it did hurt,
I did bleed,
but then i was free,
Free to fly,
Free to live..........


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