Sunday, December 23, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

A dyslexic child, a strict father a loving mother, a caring brother and a teacher who knows how to bring out the best in a child, who have a vision to settle even the mentally challenged into the mainstream. They have made me think. Now, Bollywood has started producing movies which will make a social impact.

“Any of various reading disorders associated with impairment of the ability to interpret spatial relationships or to integrate auditory and visual information.”

Every child has a world of his own; a world of fantasies; a world where everything is like the way he/she wants; a world which is

A little sweet,
A little sour,
A little close,
Not too far.

The child said

All I need,
Is to be free
Choo loon main,
Itna kareeb,
Chal padoon main to kitna door,
Sapne ka buna sweater sa warm,
Safed badlon ke paar,

But, the world didn’t listen to him. Everybody had expectations. They wanted him to be a good student; they wanted him to ace each and every exam; they wanted him to do this; they wanted him to do that; they were not ready to set him free and when he failed people cursed him, they called him idiot, duffer etcetera. They asked him:

Why, why, why can’t you?
Idiot, why can you?
Kya hai problem?
Kyon tera bheja kam?
Kyon maths main ho anda?
Kyon roz khate danda?
Darma Profeling spellin all worng?
Akshar ho nache kya kaai hai bhang?
Idiot duffer lazy crazy
Kyun bhasha kharab?
Kyun na dete jawaab?Kyun karte nahi try?
why why why but why why why cant you?...”

The child got lost but he did fight back. Every second, every minute, every hour was a challenge. He tried, he kept trying but he did not accept that he couldn’t do it. His parents thought that their child is not interested in studies and a boarding school might help. He cried, he pleaded but he was sent to the boarding school. He was missing his mother badly:

“Bheed mein yun na chodo mujhe
Ghar laut ke bhi aana pau maa
Bhejna itna door mujhko tu
Yaad bhi tujhko aana pau maa
Kya itna bura hoon mein maa
kya itna bura ..
Meri MAA…”

Then a new art teacher (Nikumbh) came into his life. He tried to find the problem with the child and finally he figured out that Ishaan was a dyslexic child. He visited Ishaan’s home and came to know that the child was a very good painter. His paintings were clearly indicating that Ishaan was a child with above average intelligence. So, he decided to save him. He talked to the principal. He started teaching him in his own way and Ishaan was catching up fast. He brought his self confidence back. Ishaan came back to his own world which he had left behind:

“Tu dhop hai jam se bhekhar
Tu hai nadi o bekbhar
Beh chal kahin
Ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan
Teri to manzil hai wohi”

In the end, he stood first in an art competition in which his teacher was also participating. Ishaan was back with a bang and everybody bowed down to his skills.
Really, every child is special but all of them do not meet Nikumbh who will help them to find out their true self।

“Jaise aankhon ki
Deebiyan mein neediyan
Aur neediyan mein meetha sa sapna
Aur sapne mein mil faristha sa koi
Jaise rango bhari peechkari
Jaise Teetliyan
Phoolo ki kyari
Jaise bina matlab ka pyara rista ho koi
Yeh to asha ki lehra hai
Yeh to umeed ki seher hai.
Khushiyon ki nehar hai
Kho na jaye yeh taare zaaamen per”

This is a must watch for everyone. It will bring back many memories that will make you feel that you could have become something else if you were left free.

"Hum jaise dekhe ye jahan hai waise hi,
Jaise nazar apni,
Khul ke sochen aao,
Pankh jara failao,
Rang naye bikhrao,
Chalo chalo naye khwab bun lein"



Blogger Partha (PPD) said...

True... agree to that completely ! Every person, no matter how old he/she grows has a child in him/her, wanting to come out free and do "that" small thing that he/she would have wanted to do during childhood !! Thy name is childhood ...

December 24, 2007 at 3:14 AM  
Anonymous Piyush said...

A really touching fim indeed.

January 3, 2008 at 4:45 AM  

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