Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Indian Dream

Utkarsha got admitted into a government school when he was in class six and his friend, Anurag, had got the admission into a convent school. Lemme explain what a Government Inter College looks like. So, this is how a 10 year old saw it in the past

“I was standing in front of the gate of Government Inter College. Outside the gate, there were students who were enjoying the golgappas, the chuskis and the bhelpuri. Some of them were wearing slippers, some were wearing shirts with some missing buttons and some were neatly dressed in white shirts and khaki trousers.

Then I went inside the college. There were huge buildings. Some of the rooms were packed with young students. I stopped for a moment to see what is going on inside the class. A teacher was beating a child with a stick just because he had not completed his homework. I was scared. In the next classroom, there was no teacher. So, I moved to the next room. There was a teacher but he was blind. Nobody was giving attention to him but he was patiently delivering the lecture. I thought what kind of school is this? How will I study here? Will I learn something?”

What his friend saw on the first day of his school:

“I was standing in front of the gate of the school. There was nobody roaming around. All the students were well dressed. Almost all the classrooms were filled with students. All the students were paying attention to what the teacher was saying. There was a huge playground….”

“Wish I could study in your school”, Utkarsha interrupted.
“Of course, you can. I have talked to my principal. There are a few scholarships sponsored by our school. They shall be conducting a test for the same on the next Friday. If you pass in that test you can get admission into our school.” said Anurag.

Utkarsha studied along with Anurag until class 12th and then they went to the same engineering college. They did well in their undergrad. Utkarsha got a job in US. Anurag chose to stay in India. When Anurag heard that his friend has decided to chase ‘The American Dream’, he decided to convince him to stay back in India. He went to his room.

Utkarsha: Hey!! Look I have received the admit from one of the best universities of US. They are also giving me the financial aid.
Anurag: Why do you want to go?
Utkarsha: I want to follow my field of interest. I want to become rich. I want to live my dreams.
Anurag: Will you come back after the studies are over?
Utkarsha: I don’t think India will be able to give me opportunities. There is no point in coming back.
Anurag: Do you think India have not given you the opportunities in the past?
Utkarsha: It has given me ample opportunities. But, I want to become rich and I can’t get money in India.
Anurag: If you have the will, you can get anything anywhere. Money is a very small thing to achieve.
Utkarsha: Yes, I can earn money if I get into business. But, I don’t have money. I want financial security first and earning in dollars is the only possible way.

"babul chahe sudama ho,
Sasural chahe suhana ho,
Naya rishta Jodne par,
Apna Ghar Chorne par,
Dulhan jo hoti hai,
do ansoo to roti hai,
aur idhar har ke ko khushi hoti hai,
jab matrubhoomi santaan apna khoti hai,
kyon desh chorne ki,
itni sashakt abhilasha haim
Kya desh main
Sach much itni nirasha hai?"

(Even if the father is poor,
Even of the in laws are dear,
When a new relationship is formed,
When the bride leaves her home,
She sheds down tears,
But everybody gets happy beyond imagination,
When a country loses her son,
Why is there so much desperation,
to leave the country?
Is there really
such a frustration back home?)

So saying, Anurag left.

Anurag's eyes got moist when he came back from the memory lane. There was an announcement for the arrival of flight KZ-121 from US. Utkarsha was trying to find someone in the crowd coming out of the terminal when a familiar face smiled at him. Utkarsha had come back after completing the post graduation to chase ‘THE INDIAN DREAM’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The traditional INDIAN DREAM :
Kakka gets a beautiful wife , an imposing house and a car infront of it.
The CURRENT INDIAN DREAM : Kakka works hard to start a company ,doesnt wed till 34,joins an NGO at 45.

December 28, 2007 at 8:01 AM  
Anonymous vivek said...

kakka sahi hain kafi badi story line thi, reaaly a good one

December 30, 2007 at 9:15 PM  
Blogger Padmaja said...

many people need to read that

December 31, 2007 at 12:24 AM  

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